Online check-in

Online check-in for direct scheduled flights is available between 24 hours and 60 minutes before your flight’s departure time.

Online check-in for charter flights starts from the moment the lists of passengers are submitted from a tour operator (not later than 12 hours before your flight’s departure time). For some cities check-in is available only at the airport. To check the availability of online check-in, please visit check-in page.

Online check-in is not available:

for the following categories of passengers

with special services ordered

When entering data, please, pay attention that Last name must be written in Latin, and order number differs from ticket number. You may find this information in electronic letter with order confirmation or in an itinerary.

Boarding pass

  • You must have a boarding pass, received after online check-in, to the airport. If you forgot to take your boarding pass, you may print it at the airport check-in desk before the end of check-in for your flight.
  • In Koltsovo and Domodedovo airports you may use self-check-in kiosks to print a boarding pass.
  • Boarding time is shown on a boarding pass. Prior to the time you must arrive to the boarding gate.

International flights check-in

For visa-regime directions you will receive check-in confirmation upon completion of online check-in. You will receive an e-mail with check-in confirmation. To verify visa documents you need to address to the check-in desk at the airport. Your boarding pass will be given to you at the check-in desk.

Check-in with infants

Passengers travelling with infants also receive confirmation upon online check-in completion. Boarding pass must be obtained at the airport check-in desk. The safest aircraft seats are assigned by the system for passengers travelling with infants. A choice of other seats is not available.

Check-in with extra baggage

If you travel with baggage exceeding the dimensions of carry-on baggage (more than 55х40х20 cm or over 5 kg for Economy class and over 15 kg for Business or Comfort), you may check in online and drop off you baggage at the check-in counter with “Drop off”sign or at the check-in desk for your flight.

If you plan to take extra baggage exceeding the limits stated in your ticket fare, you need to purchase the service “Extra baggage”on the Airline Company’s web-site or mobile application.

For security reasons the Airline Company preserves the right to change the seat chosen by you when receiving a boarding pass or onboard upon the order of the pilot in command.

Upgrade to Business class

To upgrade your service class, please address to the check-in agent at the departure airport. Upgrade to Business class service is available for members of the Loyalty Program Wings with Gold cards, providing that there are free seats available.

Attention! After online check-in for the flight no further changes are allowed.