Business Class

Business Class — personalized service and a higher level of comfort aboard an aircraft for passengers looking for maximum convenience during the flight at airports of departure (arrival).

All Business Class passengers are checked in at a separate counter*, bypassing waiting lines and saving precious time, and receive free SMS notifications about the flight status.

Special luggage allowances apply to our special customers – you can carry up to 12 kg of hand luggage in the cabin and check in up to 30 kg of luggage.

Business Class passengers fly in a separate cabin located in the front of the aircraft equipped with comfortable Business Standard seats.

Before the flight, passengers are offered soft drinks and liquors. During the flight, you will be offered an exquisite menu, wine and tea lists. A dedicated steward serves Business Class passengers.

Business Class passengers are also provided the following:

  • An individual set of magazines and newspapers
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Separate toilet
  • Separate check-in counter*
  • Business Class lounge at the airport*
  • Separate transfer by bus from the waiting lounge to the aircraft for boarding* (avoiding boarding through terminal walkway)
  • Separate transfer by bus to the terminal upon arrival (avoiding exit through terminal walkway)*

* If the service is available at the airport of departure / arrival.