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Online check-in advantages:

  • Saving of your time – check in for the flight without leaving your house or office.
  • You can choose a desirable seat on board an aircraft.
  • Check-in of other passengers that you fly with.

How to check in online?

1. Learn the Online Check-In Rules

2. Select a city of departure, confirm that you’ve read the rules and click Check-in

3. Pass all the steps of online check-in

4. Print a boarding pass

5. Arrive at an airport ahead of time, carrying your passport and the boarding pass

Due to introduction of additional security measures in airports, it is necessary to arrive at an airport ahead of time to pass security control procedures.

Passenger travelling without baggage can arrive later but before a closing time of boarding that is specified in the boarding pass.

Passenger travelling with baggage to be check in should arrive at an airport before a closing time of a check-in (not later than 40 minutes prior to the flight departure time).

To go through passport control and the customs, we recommend you to arrive at an airport not less than 1.5 hours prior to the flight departure ,time specified in the ticket (itinerary receipt).

In case of flights to directions requiring visas, after completing online check-in you receive not a boarding pass, but a check-in confirmation. After that, you need to exchange a printed confirmation at a check-in counter for a boarding pass and then go through passport control and the customs (make sure to arrive in an airport in good time for that).

Passengers with infants also obtain such a confirmation. This category of passengers also have to arrive in an airport in good time, i.e. not later that the time reported during an online check-in process, and receive a boarding pass in exchange for confirmation.

We also draw passenger’s attention to the fact that the airline is now in the process of migration to the new check-in system Amadeus – modern and comfortable one. As result of that, sometimes troubles can occur during an online check-in process. We apologize for that in advance and hope for your understanding. Remember that check-in is also available at check-in counters at an airport of departure.

Online Check-In For a Flight Via Call Center

Online check-in assisted by Customer Service is the new convenient service that lets passengers travelling without baggage check in for an Ural Airlines flight and choose a desirable seat on board the aircraft in the comfort of their home or office. The service is designed for passengers who would like to check in for a flight online but cannot do so by themselves for any reason. Providing this new service, the Customer Service specialists will assist the passenger through every step within online check-in. In order to use the service, the passenger should call 8-800-7700-262 (toll-free within the Russian Federation).

Attention! Due to additional security measures introduced at airports, you need to arrive at an airport well in advance to pass a security check.

To check in online for the flight via call-center successfully:

  1. Read the online check-in rules
  2. Prepare the information to be shared with a Customer Service specialist: the ticket number or the departure date and the flight number, as well as the e-mail address which you can use to receive your boarding pass for printing it out.
  3. Remember that online check-in for direct scheduled flight opens 23 hours and closes 4 hours prior to departure (for flights from Ekaterinburg and Moscow online check-in closes 1 hour prior to departure). For charter and transit flights, check-in opens 6 and 12 hours prior to departure respectively. Check-in for multi-leg flights is not available earlier than 12 hours prior to departure from the first point.

    Check-in for multi-leg flights from Ekaterinburg is unavailable for technical reasons.

    See complete list of destinations, for which online check-in is available.

  4. Contact Customer Service calling at 8-800-7700-262 (toll-free) if you are in Russia or +7 (343) 345-36-45 if you are not.
  5. Share all required information with a Customer Service specialist, and choose a desirable seat on board an aircraft.
  6. Wait until you receive an e-mail with your boarding pass to the address you provided, and print it out.
  7. In case the aircraft is replaced / cancelled, please contact the check-in desk operator to exchange the boarding pass.

Pay attention!
Once you have checked in online, you can’t make any changes to respective tickets.