Check-in/preflight formalities

Check-in for domestic and international flights.

Attention! The time of departure specified in a ticket (itinerary receipt) is LOCAL. Passengers should arrive at an airport in good time to go through check-in and preflight formalities. Passengers that are late for the closing time of check-in are not accepted for the flight.

Check-in at an airport
To check in and go through preflight formalities (the customs, immigration, veterinary, sanitary control, etc.), it is recommended to arrive at an airport no later than 1.5 hours (for scheduled domestic flights of the airline) or 3 hours (for international flights) prior to the departure time specified in the ticket (itinerary receipt). Passenger check-in for both domestic and international flights closes 40 minutes prior to a departure time, except check-in at the airports listed in the table below.

Closing time of check-in and preflight formalities

Airport Time
Fiumicino (Rome) 50 minutes
Beijing Capital (Beijing) 1 hour
Guangzhou Baiyun International (Guangzhou) 1 hour
Hurghada International (Hurghada) 45 minutes
Dubai International (Dubai) 1 hour
Bolshoe Savino (Perm) 50 minutes (only for international flights)

Important information

  • To be accepted for carriage, one must carry the document that proves identity and is specified in the ticket (itinerary receipt).
  • The maximum allowed dimensions of hand baggage to be carried on board an aircraft are 55×40×20 cm; its maximum allowed weight is 5 kg for Economy class and 12 kg for Business and Comfort classes.
  • For flight security reasons, the airline reserves the right to change the seat on board an aircraft from one that you’ve selected. It can happen when a boarding pass is issued or on board an aircraft as directed by the pilot in command.
  • In case of unassigned seating, the passenger receives a boarding pass without a seat assigned. Passengers may take any available seat on board an aircraft. Unassigned seating is applicable to all self check-in services.
  • Self check-in and through check-in can be unavailable for passengers who request special services or refer to special category of passengers. If so, to check in and receive a boarding pass, they should go to a check-in counter at an airport of departure.

If dimensions and/or weight of your baggage exceed the hand baggage allowance, it is necessary to:

  • Drop off the baggage at a counter with “Drop off” sign or at your flight check-in counter.
  • We recommend you to arrive at a counter not less than 60 prior to departure time, as long as check-in closes 40 minutes prior to departure time. Remember that a specified departure time is local.

Checking in your baggage, you:

  • must know its contents;
  • must not take stuff and packs from unknown people to put in your baggage;
  • must not carry dangerous substances and items prohibited for air transportation inside your baggage.

You can find the list of substances and articles prohibited for air transportation in the subsection “List of dangerous substances and items prohibited for transportation” of the section “Regulations” of the airline’s website.