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Now it's easier to save up for a premium flight! Pay for your purchases by one of co-branded “Ural Airlines” bank cards and earn bonuses for the money spent. These bonuses can be exchanged for a premium air ticket for any scheduled flight of the Airline.

Ural Airlines – partner of the Citi Select loyalty program of CitiBank.

citibankCiti Select is the program that allows its participants – holders of Citibank credit and debit cards – exchange bonus points (“selects”) for bonuses of loyalty programs of the partner companies.

Ural Airlines is a one of the Citi Select program partners. Selects can be converted into bonus rubles of the “Wings” – Ural Airlines’ loyalty program.

The rate of exchange of selects into “Wings” bonuses:

  • 3 000 bonuses = 9 000 selects
  • 5 000 bonuses = 12 500 selects
  • 15 000 bonuses = 30 000 selects
  • 25 000 bonuses = 45 000 selects.

You can convert selects into bonuses::

  • via the Internet on Citibank’s website in Citibank Online section, subsection Information on bonus accounts.
  • by calling the Citiphone::
    8(495) 775-7575 in Moscow;
    8(812) 336-7575 in Saint Petersburg;
    8 (800) 700-3838 in other cities of Russia.

To exchange selects you need to participate in loyalty program of a partner and provide your registration number of a program’s member.
So, to exchange selects into bonuses of the “Wings” program you need to be a member of the “Wings” – Ural Airlines’ loyalty program.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group

alfastrah.pngAlfaStrakhovanie Group is one of the largest Russian insurance companies with the universal portfolio of services both for business and private clients. Under its license, AlfaStrakhovanie offers more than 100 of insurance services (including life insurance) for its partners.AlfaStrakhovanie Group is widely represented in Russian regions. Over 400 regional representative offices provide various insurance services within the territory of Russia. More than 16,5 mln of private customers, and more than 390,000 companies use Group’s services. The Group has also been rated by Rating of Fitch, and rating agency Expert RAassigned to the Group the highest level A++ of reliability rating.

By purchasingproduct TRAVELinsurance,the members of WingsProgram will get about 5%* bonuses from the insurance price.

Insurance Product TRAVEL provides extended risk coverage:

  • You can insure risk of failure to travel. Insure yourself against unexpected expenses arising out offailure to travel.
  • Personal Accident Insurance during the flight. Insure yourself and relatives against personal accident during the flight.
    In this case,the insured risks are: injuries (bodily injury) suffered within the validity period of your Personal Accident Policy; disablement (group I, II, II) assigned during the validity period of insurance policy, etc. More detailed information can be obtained during the issuing of policy. You can purchase insurance together with a ticket.AlfaStrakhovanie Group wishes you a good landing.
  • We also offer you Medical ExpenseInsurancefor the vacation period. This insurance covers medical treatment, drug, dentist and transport expenses, as well as expenses on urgent visit of third party, etc.
  • Baggage Insurance. Haven’t insured your baggage yet? We offer you reliable protection of the baggage, checked for carriage with baggage tag.
    N.B!!! In accordance with the insurance terms, Baggage Insurancedoesn’t cover the hold baggage.

Have a good trip with AlfaStrakhovanie Group!

* Each member of Wings Program gets 50 bonuses for issue of TRAVEL product.

AlfaStrakhovanie, PLC
License С No2239 77
Shabolovka 31B, 115162 Moscow
Tel / Fax: 8 800 333 0 999 (free calls in Russia)
Compulsory Insurance Agreement No 4394Z/372/13969/4 dated November 13, 2014

Gazprombank – Ural Airlines card

gazprombank1.pngThere are three types of cards. An amount of bonus rubles added after a purchase made using your Gazprombank – Ural Airlines card depends on the card category:

  • Visa Classic – 1 bonus ruble for each 35 RUB/ 1 USD/ 1 EUR;
  • Visa Gold – 1,25 bonus rubles for each 35 RUB/ 1 USD/ 1 EUR;
  • Visa Platinum/MasterCard Platinum – 1,5 bonus rubles for each 35 RUB/ 1 USD/ 1 EUR
Газпромбанк - Уральcкие авиалинии - Classic Газпромбанк - Уральcкие авиалинии - Gold Газпромбанк - Уральcкие авиалинии - Platinum

For an opening of a Gazprombank – Ural Airlines card account*, welcoming bonus rubles are added in the following amounts:

  • Visa Classic – 500 bonus rubles;
  • Visa Gold/ Visa Platinum/MasterCard Platinum – 1000 bonus rubles.

You can address all your questions concerning your bank card issuance, Gazprombank – Ural Airlines international bank card service fees, as well as the rules of Gazprombank – Ural Airlines program, to any office of Gazprombank or ask them on the phone using the following numbers:
+7 (495) 980-41-41,
+7 (495) 913-79-99,
8-800-100-00-89 (toll-free within Russia).

You can also get additional information from the Gazprombank website.

* Welcoming bonus rubles are added only when the first card is issued (first account is opened)..