Flight U6-299, Airbus A320 aircraft, travel time 02:20
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Flight Information U6-299


Schedule of flight U6-299

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Moscow Domodedovo (DME)
Blagoveshchensk (BQS)
A 320

General information about the flight U6-299

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Flight distance Moscow - Blagoveshchensk: 5614 km.
Time difference Moscow - Blagoveshchensk: -6 hourов

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Information about the aircraft Airbus A320

Technical parameters:

Number of seats
Flight range
5600 km.
Cruising speed
850 km/h
37.57 m.
самолет Airbus A320 фото | рейс U6-299
Wings span
33.91 m.
Width of the passenger compartment
3.70 m.
Length of the passenger compartment
22.4 m.
Maximum takeoff weight
77000 kg.

Cabin scheme:

самолет Airbus A320 схема салона | рейс U6-299

Flight status U6-299

To find out a flight status U6-299, use the calendar. Select a departure date to find out your departure and arrival time, as well as an airplane model. To purchase a ticket, click “Buy”. General flight information.

The flight takes off from Moscow and arrives in Blagoveshchensk. Travel time is 02:20. The key priority of Ural Airlines is extra flight safety and compliance with the global quality standards. Our pilots and flight attendants will do their best to offer you top comfort during your flight to Blagoveshchensk.

Ural Airlines boasts one of the most professional aircraft facilities in the national civil aviation. The airline operates flights using the modern aircraft Airbus A320. Our advanced fleet and considerable experience of the crew help us ensure safe and comfortable flights.

Airplane facts

This page offers detailed facts about the airplane Airbus A320: its specifications (passenger capacity, length and width of the passenger cabin, range, etc.), as well as its seating layout (number of seats in the economy and business class sections).