Cargo Shipment Booking

Cargo Shipment Booking

Booking is an indispensable condition for air shipment of cargo.

A booking is regarded as preliminary until the consignor has paid an advance in the amount and within the term specified by the carrier, and the carrier has issued a duly executed air waybill to the consignor. A cargo booking is done pursuant to the details in the consignor’s application.

The booking application is filled by the consignor, and is the written instruction for the fill of air waybill.

The text of the cargo booking application must not contain any corrections.
You can submit the booking application in any manner convenient for you: by fax or e-mail.

Соntact us for details and/or booking:

Our reminder: The consignor shall be held responsible for correctness of the details of the cargo in cases determined by IATA Rules and the Russian Federation law.