Carrying liquids onboard an aircraft - terms of «Ural Airlines»

Carrying liquids onboard an aircraft

In order to ensure aviation security on the airline’s domestic and international flights, liquids, sprays, and gels referred to non-hazardous (the list is given below) and carried by the passenger (in accordance with the rules for carrying liquids on an aircraft) must be in containers of not more than 100 ml in volume (or in an equivalent container in other units of volume).

Containers with liquids, sprays, and gels must be packed in a securely re-sealable transparent plastic bag of not more than 1 l in volume, one bag per passenger.

Liquids in containers the volume of which exceeds 100 ml shall not be accepted for carriage on board an aircraft, even in case the container is only filled partially.

Medicines and infant food that may be required during the flight do not come under requirement for being packed in a plastic bag, but they also must be presented at a security counter.

* Rules for carrying liquids shall exclusively apply to cabin baggage.

Liquids may also be carried in checked-in baggage