Transfer Carriage

Transfer carriage is a carriage where you fly from Point A to Point B with an intermediate landing (changing), whilst the time of changing does not exceed 24 hours.

The point of changing is called the point of transfer, and the changing itself – a connection. The fundamental rule is that the flight from the point of changing continues with a different flight number. This may be a flight of the same airline that performed the carriage to the point of transfer, or a flight of a different airline.

Thus, the difference between transfer and a regular change of flights is as follows:

  • no need to claim baggage*;
  • no need to complete departure formalities once again*;
  • time saving.

* On condition the passenger simultaneously checks in at the airport of departure both for the flight to the point of transfer and the connection flight from the point of transfer to the airport of destination (the passenger is given two boarding passes). In this case, transfer passengers must not check in at transfer areas or check-in counters in the concourse but should proceed directly to the international / domestic departures area to the boarding gate stated on the boarding pass or information boards. You can obtain more detailed information on through check-in during check-in at the airport of departure.
Certain airports do not have the opportunity for transfer passenger check-in. Please inquire at the airport of departure whether your baggage has been checked in to the point of final destination.

Benefits of a carriage with a transfer

  • Additional opportunities to select flight date and time.
    In case there are no direct flights in the timetable, or their schedule doesn’t suit you, you can always select an optimal route via the point of transfer on days of the week and time of the day convenient for you.
  • Lower flight cost.
    In case a carriage with a transfer is sold at special through fares the total flight cost can happen to be lower than the cost of a direct non-stop flight.
    You can book airline tickets at special through fares at any ticket office in Russia and the CIS.

ATTENTION: The following information may be useful for you if you are a transfer passenger.

Carrier’s duties in case of transfer

  • During booking, the carrier must ensure transfer and get confirmation for all flight sections (even for those of other carriers), which makes it possible for the passenger to arrive at check-in on time.
  • The carrier must inform the transfer passenger of departure formalities and requirements at the airport of transfer. In addition, the carrier must provide the following information to passengers:
    • about the route, time of arrival at the airport of transfer for passing through departure formalities;
    • about the procedures that must be completed at the point of transit or transfer for further carriage to the point of destination;
    • about the requirements of the country where the transfer is carried out;
  • The carrier must ensure minimum connection time for the continuing flight on which the passenger has booked a seat.

For reference.Minimum Connection Time (MCT) – the time required for the successful transfer of passengers and transshipment of their baggage from one flight to the other at the airport of transfer (60 minutes to 24 hours). More than 24 hours connection between flights shall be considered a stop-over. The airport does not guarantee comfortable changing in case MCT is not adhered to.

  • At transfer points passengers are provided services on condition that the booking for the next route section has been confirmed, in case the loss of connection or flight delay has happened through the airline's fault.

In case carriage with a transfer is performed by Ural Airlines on the entire route, and connection is less than six hours, transfer passengers are provided services in the waiting area of the airport at which they check in for the connection flight.

In case the connection time is more than six hours, transfer passengers are offered accommodation at a hotel, or ground transportation and accommodation at a hotel at the expense of the airline (in case the airport of transfer is Koltsovo).

In case the connection time is more than 24 hours, the passengers and their baggage are only checked in to the point of transfer.

  • In case of a flight delay / loss of connection, the carrier must select a new itinerary for the passenger, and make the respective changes in the original booking, rearrange the carriage.

Transfer passenger baggage check-in

Transfer passenger’s baggage must be checked in to the final point, in case the airport’s technical capacity makes it possible to do so, unless this contradicts with the law of the country of connection, and unless the passenger expresses their willingness to claim the baggage at the point of transfer.

The passenger must be informed about the point to which his/her baggage was checked in.

The baggage of transfer passengers who do not require a visa shall always be checked in to the final point of carriage. Access of transit / transfer passengers to their checked-in baggage is prohibited.

The baggage of transfer and transit passengers, in case of changing their itinerary on their own initiative, shall be re-inspected and dispatched by the same flight the passengers are on.

Transfer carriage of any types of weapon and ammunition is prohibited!

For reference. In case the transfer passes through the Customs Union zone, passengers must inform the carrier in writing, prior to baggage check-in opening, about the presence of commodities to be declared at customs.