Rules of submitting a claim - terms of «Ural Airlines»

Rules of submitting a claim

Attention! The complaint petition (complaint) must be signed by the passenger himself or his legal representative.

In case you have complaints about work of the Ural Airlines, as well as in order to get compensation for inconveniences (loss), you need to fill a claim application pursuant to requirements of Russian legislation.

The right to raise a claim against a carrier belongs to an individual (client/ passenger), legal entity or persons, representing interests of individuals or legal entities in accordance with legally established procedure.

The order of submitting a claim application

A complaint is accepted for consideration, if an applicant complies with the submission deadline. Deadlines of submission of claim for baggage/ cargo/ mail are as follows.

For domestic flights:

  • in case of claims for missing content or damaged baggage, as well as for delayed baggage, 6 months from the date of getting baggage back after the flight.
  • in every other cases, 6 months from the date of an occurrence that caused a raising a claim.

For international flights:

  • in case of damaged baggage, 7 calendar days from the date of getting baggage back after the flight;
  • in case of delayed baggage, 21 calendar days from the date of getting baggage back after the flight by passenger or other entitled person;
  • in case of baggage loss, 18 months from the date of the aircraft arrival at the destination point, or from the date of the planned arrival, or from the date of the carriage discontinuation.

Baggage is considered to be lost, if it is searched but not found within 21 calendar days from the date following the date of the planned arrival at the destination point.

The term of raising a claim for other reasons is 3 years (general limitation period).

Claims are accepted:
In writing, with enclosure of originals (if they are available) or notarized copies of documents confirming a conclusion of an air carriage contract (ticket), a fact of causing loss (Property Irregularity Report - PIR), an amount of loss (fiscal documents).

Submitted claim applications shall be addressed to the director general of JSC Ural Airlines and sent to postal address: 620025, Sverdlovskaya oblast, Ekaterinburg, Utrenny per., 1g

Attention! Claims of passengers, received via phone calls, stated orally or left as messages on the website are not considered to be submitted in accordance with the requirements for claim applications and won’t be subject to consideration in accordance with legally established procedure.

The following must be specified in a claim application:

  • the name of the carrier (JSC Ural Airlines), against which a claim is raised;
  • a full name of the person submitting a claim, or, if a claim is submitted by a representative, a full name and address of the latter;
  • circumstances of what become a reason of raising a claim;
  • a claim of an applicant;
  • an amount of a claim and its well-grounded calculation;
  • bank account details for refund (if you prefer to receive money in cashless form);
  • a list of documents enclosed with an application.

A claim (depending on its nature) is enclosed with:

  • in case of using an e-ticket, the following details: an e-ticket number (if known), a flight number and a date of flight, a passenger’s last name; in case of using a paper ticket, its original (flight and/or passenger coupon);
  • a receipt of payment for excess baggage (if any);
  • a receipt of different charges (if any);
  • a coupon of a bag tag;
  • in case of damage caused to baggage during carriage, a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), issued by the carrier or a service agent right after a discovery of damage and before a passenger left a baggage claim area;
  • originals of documents confirming an amount of passenger’s loss (receipts, etc.) or, in case they are unavailable, duly executed and verified copies;
  • in case your claim is connected with compensation of unused vacation time by you as a tourist, all of the following without fail: a contract on realization of a tourist product, a tourist voucher or a booking form, documents confirming a payment for the tour, a certificate of nightly cost of stay in a hotel.