Rules for selling tickets to military personnel - terms of «Ural Airlines»

Rules for selling tickets to military personnel

Rules of sale against Duty Travel Orders by the RF Ministry of Defense (RF MD DTO) for Ural Airlines flights

Sale against Duty Travel Orders by the Ministry of Defence (MD DTO) is executed at the airline’s own ticket offices or at authorized agencies’ ticket offices.

The tickets shall only be issued and re-issued in case of availability of an RF MD DTO requisition issued by a military establishment and certified by an official seal.

DTOs are valid for 3 months following the day of their issuance.
DTOs without a signature, issue date, official mastic resin seal impression, with an unclear impression of the official seal, bearing amendments, additions, alterations, incorrectly issued or expired shall be considered invalid. Replacement of or amendments in the DTOs mentioned shall be executed by military transport officers on communication routes; in case of absence thereof, by the nearest military transport officers or garrison commandants. All amendments shall be certified by signatures of the persons mentioned, and an official seal.

The issuance of air tickets shall only be allowed against DTOs issued for travelling by air transport in accordance with fares and registered FAS.
The issuance of air tickets for transfer carriage against one DTO issued for the entire route is only possible for transfer (through) fare. In case the carriage is not executed for transfer fare but in separate segments, a separate DTO is required for each flight segment.

All charges included in the cost of the ticket, including fuel and airport, shall be paid on account of DTO.
Charges for the paper blank (SA or RU) shall not be levied.
In case carriage is executed on STD NSBAC-TCH blanks (form of payment KR), TCH tax shall not be charged.
Agency fees for carriage execution shall not be charged.

In case of a voluntary or forced waiver of carriage executed on credit against RF MD DTO, cash shall not be refunded to the passenger; a return certificate shall be issued for re-settlement with the airline subject to a centralized procedure (see Annex). The certificate does not constitute a registered high security form. The certificate shall be executed in three carbon copies. Upon execution, the original and a copy of the certificate is given to the passenger; the second copy is attached to the ticket accepted for return, and is filed with the report. The military passenger must sign for the receipt of the certificate and the copy thereof.

In case of a voluntary alteration of the departure date, the additional payment to match the fare available at the moment of re-issuance shall be made in cash.

In case of a forced change of route or departure date (not due to the fault of the passenger), tickets purchased against DTOs shall be subject to replacement for a different flight without levying additional charges on the passenger.

In case air tickets are issued to children under 12, discounts stated in the FAS, passenger categories RMG, RBG, RVG.

Issuance for groups of military personnel against RF MD DTOs

Issuance for military personnel teams of up to three persons against one DTO (not a family) shall be executed pursuant to an application for a seat allocation and approval of this carriage with Military Communications (MICO) authorities; to this end, the reverse side of the DTO blank shall be stamped and signed by a MICO authority officer.
Issuance for military personnel teams with a large number of military personnel (over three persons) shall be executed pursuant to applications from the RF MD military communications authorities.
The application must be accompanies by a list of the military personnel to be carried certified by a seal (must correspond to the seal on the DTO) and a signature of the unit commander.