Rules of carriage of pregnant women

The pregnant woman must evaluate herself the ability to use air transport on the basis of her state of health. The carrier shall not be held responsible for decline in the passenger's health or other detrimental consequences for the passenger or the fetus which can arise during or as a result of the carriage.

Air transportation of pregnant women shall be allowed on condition that they don’t have a risk of premature birth.

Information of the state of health of the pregnant woman shall be confirmed by a certificate from a doctor (medical certificate) on the state of health and absence of contraindications for her to use air transportation. The certificate from a doctor (medical certificate) must be issued not later than 24 hours prior to the departure time specified in the ticket.

The pregnant woman must carry the certificate from a doctor (medical certificate) and obstetric/gynecologic record. The carrier shall reserve the right to verify the presence of the pregnant woman’s valid medical certificate and obstetric/gynecologic record prior to flight commencement.

Air transportation of pregnant women in the absence of a medical certificate (report) shall be carried out by virtue of an indemnity commitment drawn up prior to flight commencement.

Indementity commitment (.doc)

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