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Shirak airport Airport, Gyumri

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Adress: Գյումրի, Republic of Armenia
Contact center: +374 10 493000

The airport "Shirak” of Gyumri has been operating since 1961 and with its indices it is the second in the Republic of Armenia. The airport is located 5 km far from Gyumri and 120 km far from Yerevan.

The building and the runway of the present functioning airport have been put into operation in 1982. As thorough repairs had not been carried out on the runway and in the air side, the runway had been in a rather bad state.

In 2007, owing to the resources allotted by "Armenia” International Airports” CJSC, the runway has undergone major overhaul and has been completely asphalted (length 3220m, width 45m), a new light-signal system IDMAN of Finnish production has been installed, repair works have been carried out in the ramp and special ground handling technics have been imported.

The airport "Shirak” of Gyumri can be considered the second international alternate airport of Armenia. In 2007 General Department of Civil Aviation at the Government of the Republic of Armenia has granted "Shirak” airport the status of ICAO First Class Airport.