Koltsovo Airport, Ekaterinburg: Koltsovo Airport flight status, flight schedule
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Koltsovo Airport, Ekaterinburg

Online scoreboard of Koltsovo airport

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You could see online scoreboard on the Koltsovo airport web-site

How to get to Koltsovo airport

Information about Koltsovo airport

Web-site: www.koltsovo.ru
Adress: 6, Sputnikov street, 620025, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
Time: UTC +05:00
Contact center: +7-343-224-23-67

Ekaterinburg Koltsovo International Airport is Russia’s largest regional airport. Over 30 Russian and foreign airlines connect Ekaterinburg with more than 80 cities of the world and, thanks to convenient transfers at international hubs, with practically any place in the world.