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Volgograd International Airport Airport, Volgograd

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Web-site: new.mav.ru/
Adress: 600036, Volgograd, Russia, International Airport
Time: +3 GMT
Contact center: +7 (8442) 26-10-87

A military training unit was present at Gumrak as late as 1994, the 706 UAP (706th Aviation Training Regiment), using Aero L-39 aircraft. However a more recent report puts 706 UAP at Beketovsk until 1997. Volgograd Airport served as base for Air Volga. When the airline went bankrupt in April 2010, its aircraft and most of the routes were taken over by RusLine.

In 2012 it was announced that Volgograd airport would have a new terminal and runway built which would bring the airport up to European standards, it is currently being built and will be complete sometime in 2017.

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