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Ural Airlines takes a couple of Amur tigers under patronage


A new family of Amur tigers is starting in Yekaterinburg Zoo. The male Dzhagar and female Dzhuna represent the species threatened with extinction. They are in Red List of the International Union for the Protection of Nature and in Red Data Book of RF. Ural Airlines is proud to honour the couple patronage.

All funds, transferred by the Airline Company will be allocated to the creation of keeping conditions similar to the natural habitat, to the nutrition and veterinary attendance. For tiger’s comfortable residence in Yekaterinburg Zoo, there will be house renovation, organized at the expense of the Airline Company.

The Airline Company helps animals not only on the ground, but in the air as well. On a regular basis Ural Airlines transport pets and wild animals. Among “passengers”, there are crocodiles, lions, bears, kangaroos, monkeys, galagos, aardvarks and other exotic animals.

The Airline Company wishes a cozy home to the under-care animals!

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