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Schedule flights Eilat - Moscow

Check out the schedule of flights Eilat - Moscow for the next ten days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the next four months. Choose the best for you the date and time of departure and use the button "Book" for ticket issuance.

The schedule is local time for the airport of departure and arrival
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We regularly sell tickets from Eilat. Follow our special offers, the list is updated regularly.

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Information about the flight Eilat - Moscow

The distance in the direction Eilat - Moscow: 2.877 км.
Difference in time Eilat - Moscow: −1 час

Airports Eilat - Moscow

Below is information about the airport, arrival and departure. Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.

Popular destinations from Eilat

We offer a wide range of direct flights departing from Eilat.


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Buy airline tickets Eilat - Moscow
Buy airline tickets Eilat - Moscow

The Ovda - Moscow air ticket is not very expensive if you choose a proper airline. Ural Airlines offers cheap air tickets for the Ovda - Moscow flight and other directions. Comfortable aircraft, airline reliability proven by registration with the international association IATA, polite staff. Loyalty programmes developed for individuals and corporate customer. Purchase of an Ovda - Moscow ticket is more than just an air travel. It is an acquaintance with new possibilities for advantageous travels.

Price for an Ovda - Moscow air ticket

Price for an air ticket from Ovda is determined by a flight class and availability of additional services. To learn how much will the flight to Moscow cost, please, use a flexible search. Choose "Buy an air ticket" in the tab "Your flight". Specify the destination city, the number of passengers with the account of age. Click "Buy a ticket". The system will automatically show all options for the flight in the several days next to the specified date. Fill in all necessary information step by step. After payment by a bank or virtual card you'll receive an e-mail containing the air ticket.

Purchase of a cheap ticket for an Ovda - Moscow flight will take a couple of minutes. You will appreciate simplicity and usability of a form for flight order. Should you have any more questions, the corresponding website sections comprise details of all stages of ticket purchase and payment.

Please, familiarize yourself with flight rules, additional services and the on-board menu. We are open for our customers!

Extra advantages of the Ural Airlines flights

To express our gratitude to our loyal customers, the company has developed loyalty programmes for individuals and legal entities.

If you often travel by air independently (without paying to any company), then you'll be interested in our programme "Wings". The more you travel by the Ural Airlines aircraft, the more bonus points your get. Bonus points can be used to payment of a ticket price part for next flights. It is a pleasant fact that bonus points can be accrued not only for air miles. The company partners: banks, hotels, taxi companies will accrue bonuses for use of their services.

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