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Schedule flights Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk

Check out the schedule of flights Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk for the next ten days, or use the calendar to view the schedule for the next four months. Choose the best for you the date and time of departure and use the button "Book" for ticket issuance.

The schedule is local time for the airport of departure and arrival
Sat 28
Tue 31
Fri 03
Sun 05
Tue 07
Fri 10
Sun 12
Tue 14
Fri 17
Sun 19
Ekaterinburg (SVX)
Irkutsk (IKT)
A 320
Airport check-in is completed
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We regularly sell tickets from Ekaterinburg. Follow our special offers, the list is updated regularly.

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Information about the flight Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk

The distance in the direction Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk: 2820 км.
Difference in time Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk: +3 часа

Airports Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk

Below is information about the airport, arrival and departure. Follow the link to get more information about the airport, see the online scoreboard.

Popular destinations from Ekaterinburg

We offer a wide range of direct flights departing from Ekaterinburg.


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Buy airline tickets Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk
Buy airline tickets Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk

Looking for the best Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk offers? With Ural Airlines do it right from your home, without paying extra for agent’s services, with no commissions and charges, whenever it is convenient for you. Just a few clicks and the website of the leading RF carrier will provide comprehensive information about all future flights, number and availability of tickets, contact details of all airports and many other useful data. Purchasing Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk tickets is now as simple as ABC!

Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk fares

To find Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk fares, just click on the flight timetable or schedule. Select flight dates and click Book. A new page will automatically display the best or preliminary fares.

The final cost will be displayed after you fill in the following details:

  • number of passengers (adults, children and infants are all indicated separately);
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Having filled in passenger personal details, customers may finish their purchase and pay. In a couple of minutes after the payment, the company will send the booking confirmation and tickets to the email that you indicated.

Flight status

This page offers all relevant information about Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk flights. The schedule displays flight dates, travel time — 03:55, aircraft. You can get details about weather forecasts for departure and arrival airports on each flight date.

Ural Airlines offers top comfort for passengers both in the air and on the ground.

Safe and affordable flights

Ural Airlines’ key priority is to ensure top safety of flights and meet the global quality standards. Purchasing Yekaterinburg-Irkutsk tickets, you can be sure in each stage of your journey.

Ural Airlines boasts a professional crew, one of the best aviation facilities in Russia, a fleet of Airbus A 321, A 320 and A 319 made by the European company.

How to fly on best terms

Under Wings loyalty program of Ural Airlines, the company’s regular customers earn points that can be later spent on tickets. Join it and save from your very first flight!

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