Sergei SKURATOV Sergei Skuratov

General Director, Ural Airlines JSC

Born in 1950 in Sverdlovsk to a family of aviators.

Graduated cum laude from Buguruslan Flying School in 1970. Started his professional career in the Second Sverdlovsk United Air Squadron as co-pilot on Antonov-2.

Graduated from the Civil Aviation Academy (Leningrad) as an Engineer Pilot in 1978.

Since 1975, worked in Sverdlovsk Air Squadron and completed all phases of a pilot’s career on Antonov-24, Antonov-26, Ilyushin-18, Tupolev-154, Ilyushin-86.

In 1984, appointed to a managerial position as the Head of Flight Safety Ural Aviation Administration.

Since 1987, Sverdlovsk United Air Squadron Commander.

In 1993, took charge of Ural Airlines.

Honored Pilot of the Russian Federation, Honored Transport Worker of the Russian Federation, awarded a Badge of Excellence in Air Transport, an Order of Honour, and an Order of Friendship.

Kirill SKURATOV Kirill Skuratov

First Deputy General Director/Commercial Director

Graduated from the International Relations Department of the Ural State University of Economics in 1996.

1996 to 2000 – Ural Airlines representative in the UAE.

Since 2001, Commercial Director with Ural Airlines.

Candidate of Economic Science.



Alexander Zinoviev Alexander Zinoviev

Director of Operations

Alexander Zinoviev was born in 1966 in Sverdlovsk. After graduation from Aktyubinsk Flight Training School in 1987 Alexander Zinoviev started his career as a first officer on Aircraft AN-24.

Since 1991 Alexander Zinoviev works in JSC “Ural Airlines”. During this periodhe has worked his way up to the PIC of Tu-154, Il-86 and training pilot.

In 2007 Alexander Zinoviev appointed as the director of Flight Operations Center.

In 2015 appointed as the Deputy Director General- Director of Operations in JSC “Ural Airlines”.

Awarded with Honorary Certificate of The Federal Air Transport Agency (also known as Rosaviatsiya).

Igor KOSMAKOV Igor Kosmakov

Flight Director

Graduated from Sasovo Civil Aviation Flying School and later from Aktyubinsk one.

Started his professional career as co-pilot on Antonov-2 in the Second Sverdlovsk United Air Squadron. Completed career development phases as an Antonov-2 commander, an Antonov-2 aircraft flight commander, an Antonov-2 air squadron deputy commander, an inspector pilot of flight and navigation division of the Ural Civil Aviation Authority, a Tupolev-154 co-pilot, a Tupolev-154 pilot-in-command, a Tupolev-154 air squadron deputy commander, a Head of Flight Safety Uralairlines, a flight commander.

Since 2003, Flight Director with Ural Airlines.

Honored Pilot of the Russian Federation, awarded with the Badge of Excellence in Air Transport.

Igor PODDUBNY Igor Poddubny

Aircraft Maintenance Centre Director

Born 28 December 1975; graduated from Troitsk Aviation School as a Mechanical Technician.

Since 1999, worked at N.D. Kuznetsov Scientific and Technical Group (Samara) as an aviation engine design engineer.

In 2000, graduated from the Academician S.P. Korolyov State Aerospace University (Samara) as an Aircraft and Engine Operation Engineer.

Since 2000, has been working for Ural Airlines. Started as a dispatcher in Operations and Dispatching Department, and worked his way up to Technical Director of Foreign Aircraft Maintenance Base.

2006 to 2009, trained by Airbus aircraft maintenance and repair programs. In particular, successfully completed engineering staff training courses by international programs Part-145, Part-66, EASA Part-66 / 147, etc.

Larisa Usova Larisa Usova

Financial Director / Chief Accountant

Elena Dogdeva Elena Dogdeva

Chief Accountant

Grigory Somov Grigory Somov

Director of Economics

Grigory Somov was born in 1962 in Sverdlovsk. In 1984 he has graduated from Sverdlovsk Mining Institute,and in 1994 he has graduated from Sverdlovsk Institute of National Economy.

From 2006 till 2011 was the director of METGAZ.

From 2011 till 2013 was the director of Gaznefteservice.

Since 2015 works in JSC “Ural Airlines” as the deputy general director – director of economics.

Nikolay Neobutov Nikolay Neobutov

Director of Aviation Security Service

Nikolay Neobutov was born in 1969, in Ekaterinburg. He has graduated fromKharkiv Air Force University of Radio-Electronics.

From 1986 until 2011 Nikolay Neobutov did his military service. Now he is retired Lieutenant Colonel.

Since 2011 he has been working in JSC “Ural Airlines” as the head of Aviation Security Service.

Since July 2015 Nikolay Neobutov is appointed as theGeneral director deputy - director of Aviation Security Service.

Alexey FOMIN Alexey Fomin

Quality Management Director

Graduated from the Navigation Department of the Order of Lenin Civil Aviation Academy (OLAGA) in 1980 and started his flying career as an Ilyushin-18 navigator on Flight 318 of Sverdlovsk United Air Squadron.

Since 1985, worked for the Ural Civil Aviation Authority at the Computing Centre as the leading specialist of development and implementation of navigation calculations program “PKM Iskra-226”.

In 1986, re-established himself in flying operations as an Antonov-12 navigator.

Since 1991, held various positions at the Sverdlovsk Aviation Enterprise HQ, including that of the first Head of International Economic Relations.

1992 to 1994, SPAIR Airlines Deputy Operations Director / Representative in Sharjah, UAE.

1994 to 1997, Assistant to Head of Lufthansa Ekaterinburg Representative Office (including responsibilities of Flight Handling Shift Supervisor).

1998 to 1999, Executive Director, Chelyabinsk Airport.

Since 1999, has been working for Ural Airlines. First as Economics Advisor to General Director; later, Head of International Flight Arrangement and Sales; then, Deputy Commercial Director in charge of Corporate Affairs and Quality Management.

Since 2008 - Deputy General Director – Quality Management Director.