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“Ural Airlines” to Sale Summer Tickets


“Ural Airlines” starts the sale of tickets for summer period. 30% Sale.Starting from February 5th to February 21st “Ural Airlines” offers special prices for all tickets to the most popular summer regular flights. You can enjoy your flight with sale tickets from May 15th till October 25th, 2016. Purchase the ticketson our website, via MobileApp Ural Airlines, call center +7 800 77 00 262, and in our ticket offices.

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The attention of passengers!

To check in for domestic flights and complete departure requirements (customs / immigration / veterinary / sanitary control, etc.) it is recommended to arrive at the airport 1 hour 30 minutes, for international flights – 3 hours prior to departure specified on the ticket (itinerary receipt). Passengers who miss the check-in completion time shall not be admitted for the flight. Different airports may have different check-in closing time; please inquire at